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Pre-Quantum Electrodynamics lecture notes (html export)

In this repo, you will find my Pre-Quantum Electrodynamics online lecture notes (exported to html).

Pulling the notes to your local machine

On the command line,

  git clone

This will create a directory pqed_html. If you prefer pulling into a differently-named directory (e.g. my_pqed_dir), just do

  git clone my_pqed_dir

Make sure you regularly pull the latest version (updates are frequently pushed; check the Created date at the bottom of the page to see which version you're using):

  cd pqed_html
  git pull origin master

Using the notes locally

Pretty easy: just open the build/ page (or any other ~.html~ page in that folder) in your browser.

Providing feedback

You can either email me (at or create an issue in this repo . Your feedback is most welcome.

Learning git

git is one of those applications which you don't know you need until you start using it, after which you wonder how you could possibly have survived without it in the past.

Though you don't need anything more than the instructions above, it's well worth your while to RTFM.